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Commits on Oct 3, 2011
  1. @durran

    Updating changelog

    durran authored
  2. @durran

    Updating travis configuration

    durran authored
  3. @durran
  4. @durran

    Merged in pull request #1058 from pyromanic/master:

    durran authored
    - This includes the original pull request, plus rebases from many
      contributing to the request, plus my refactors and extended test
      coverage and rdoc.
    - This does not include multi-level nested documents.
    - This does not include prevention of double calls on new child save.
  5. @durran
Commits on Oct 2, 2011
  1. @durran
  2. @durran
  3. @durran
  4. @durran
  5. @durran
  6. @durran
  7. @durran
  8. @durran
  9. @durran
  10. @durran
  11. @durran
  12. @durran
  13. @durran
  14. @durran

    Don't overwrite _id criteria when adding addtional _id expressions.

    durran authored
    - This now uses $and with all expressions included in the query.
    - Fixes #1241.
    - Fixes #941.
  15. @durran

    Add full support for $and queries on root and embedded docs:

    durran authored
    - Criteria#find now uses $and for id queries. Will expand next to use
      $and when the same attribute is chained on criteria.
    - Fixes #1308.
  16. @durran
  17. @durran

    Add support for MongoDB's $add operator:

    durran authored
    - Use Criteria#all_of(*args) to generate the $and query.
  18. @durran
  19. @durran

    Cleaning up travis list.

    durran authored
  20. @durran
  21. @bernerdschaefer @durran
  22. @durran
  23. @bernerdschaefer @durran

    Use Mongo::Connection#pool_size instead of ivar

    bernerdschaefer authored durran committed
  24. @durran

    Give more love to travis

    durran authored
  25. @durran
  26. @durran
  27. @durran
  28. @durran

    Exclude _id and updated_at from versioned attributes.

    durran authored
    - Fixes #1288.
    - Fixes #1289.
  29. @durran

    Revert "corrected a typo"

    durran authored
    This reverts commit dcebb98.
  30. @HeeL @durran

    corrected a typo

    HeeL authored durran committed
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