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Issue with default_scope and eager loading #1987

stantona opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I have a Blog model like:

class Blog
   has_many :posts
   default_scope includes(:posts)

so that posts are eagerly loaded when a Blog query is made.

I experience unexpected behaviour if I query for the same blog > 1 times. It seems like the post data are reapplied to the array, so that the array contains duplicates of the posts.

Is this expected behaviour?

Please let me know if you need more info.


So you're just doing something like...




Yes that's right. I noticed this when looking a bug in our code, and then using pry to see what's going on and noticed the elements being duplicated in the posts array.


Ok I'll have a look, thanks.


I reproduce the issue in a rspec failure :


This spec works on Mongoid 3 master branch.

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