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Rails::Mongoid.load_models in "preload all application models" should not run when $rails_rake_task #387

dim opened this Issue · 5 comments

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dim commented

Models shouldn't be eager-loaded on $rails_rake_task runs. In railtie.rb:
initializer "preload all application models" do |app|
config.to_prepare do
::Rails::Mongoid.load_models(app) unless $rails_rake_task


Dont preload models in rake tasks. Closed by 8fd6d3f. Thank you @dim.


Out of interest, why should models not be loaded when in a rake task?


I'm a little curious why this is the case too. I added a new initializer to my app that accesses a mongoid model. The rake task will just freeze (actually it'll eventually time out) when you access a model in an initializer. Especially problematic on Heroku, since it will automatically run rake assets:precompile. It'll just time out eventually and the git push will fail.


I'm about to bring this back, since the models actually do need to be loaded for the case above, as well as creating indexes, etc...


Brought back in 2ff10c9

This issue was closed.
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