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Changed invalid command name

There were enableProfilingLevel (invalid) in one case and setProfilingLevel (valid) in another. Changed first one to valid one
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1 parent ad3dd96 commit 992497c9d53da66c8a3d31d6becb1a8a966bcc8d @ZloeSabo ZloeSabo committed Feb 6, 2014
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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ corresponding database.
Or, run Dex on a populated MongoDB system.profile collection. It is recommended
-that you run db.enableProfilingLevel(1), and wait until a representative set of
+that you run db.setProfilingLevel(1), and wait until a representative set of
queries/operations have been run on the database. Then run db.setProfilingLevel(0)
to stop profiling. Then, run Dex:

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