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+### 0.5.1 2012-11-05
+- Expanded use of OrderedDicts throughout Dex and added an OrderedDict YAML
+parser for log lines. This corrects multiple issues with the
+recommendation of indexes for compound sort fields.
+### 0.5.0 2012-10-09
+- Weighted Recommendations:
+For each recommendation, Dex tallies the number of affected queries, the total time consumed by those queries, and the average time for a single query. Note that Dex keeps subtotal statistics for each unique query pattern that prompted a given recommendation. Subtotals are available in –verbose/-v mode only.
+- Output changes:
+We’ve modified Dex’s output for the purposes of readability and convenience, in the following ways:
+ - By default (i.e., not in –watch/-w mode), Dex no longer provides runtime output. Dex reads the entire profile collection or log file and then outputs one set of full results.
+ - In –watch/-w mode, Dex still provides runtime output, periodically printing all recommendations with up-to-date statistics.
+ - The shell command suggestion is removed from default output in favor of concise, weighted index recommendations. The shell command is still available in –verbose/-v output, but is no longer included by default.
+- Support for MongoDB 2.2 log files:
+While Dex has supported MongoDB 2.2 in –profile/-p mode, updates to Dex’s log file regexes now support recent updates to the MongoDB log file line format.

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