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index on some field sort descending/ascending issue #3

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I have a collection, "features", with 3 fields, name, active, weight,

I query the collection by weight descending:

db.features.find({active:true},{name:1, weight:1}).sort({weight:-1})

Dex gives me suggestion:

db['features'].ensureIndex({'active': 1, 'weight': 1}, {'background': true})

While I thought I should create index on weight descend:

db['features'].ensureIndex({'active': 1, 'weight': -1}, {'background': true})

I have post a question on Stackoverflow
in more details, would you please check it out?


after reading the answers in stackoverflow, i understand that the index works for both ascending and descending cases.

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Thanks for your question. There are a few situations where the order does matter, such as when you have a compound orderby clause combined with other factors (such as a query, with a return limit, on field A, ordered by { B: -1, C: 1}). For this and similar examples, an index on { A: 1, B: -1, C: 1 } should perform slightly more quickly and with slightly less memory used, because of a lefthanded optimization within the MongoDB index structure.

Right now, Dex blindly recommends ascending order for all indexes.

For your specific index, there is indeed not much difference in the order chosen. That said, I'd like to explore ways to include something about this in Dex's heuristics for generating recommendations!

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