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This application is the message-consuming and web component of the system described in this Heroku Dev Center article and deployed to

The Ruby version of the message queuing app can be found at:

The Node version can be found at:

Heroku deploy instructions

Writer app in Ruby

Pull from github

$ git clone
$ cd tractorpush-writer-ruby

Create the app on Heroku and add the MongoLab add-on.

$ heroku create tp-writer
$ heroku addons:add mongolab

(deprecated) Next, configure the required MongoDB capped collection.

Then deploy to Heroku and scale the worker process.

$ git push heroku master
$ heroku ps:scale worker=1
$ cd ..

Web server app in Node.js

Pull from github

$ git clone
$ cd tractorpush-server

Create the app on Heroku.

$ heroku create tp-web

Copy the MONGOLAB_URI config var from the message writer app to this one.

$ heroku config:add -a tp-web `heroku config -a tp-writer -s | grep MONGOLAB_URI`

Then deploy to Heroku and open in your browser

$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open