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0.14.0 - 2017-01-19
0.14.0 RC1 - 2016-03-16
* Only partially update objects (using $set and $unset) when updates occur.
Partial Updates can be turned on or off per class (by default they are off):
class Person
include MongoMapper::Document
self.partial_updates = true
* (Optionally) allow only static (defined) keys, and raise errors for keys that haven't been defined (mimic Mongoid's allow_dynamic_fields = false).
Turn this on, per model, with:
class Person
include MongoMapper::Document
self.static_keys = true
p =
p['non_defined_key'] = 'foo' # => MissingKeyError
* Add after_find, after_initialize callbacks [smtlaissezfaire]
Bug Fixes
* Fix counter caching with polymorphic belongs_to [smtlaissezfaire, bhernez]
* Fix issues with arrays + plucky query. (upgrade to plucky query 0.7.0 - see regressions in scope_spec.rb)
* Don't create accessors for reserved keys (id, class, etc) [cheald]
* Disallow class as a key name [cheald]
* Add ruby 1.8.7 specific gem files to use specific version of i18n <>
* Fixing failing tests for rails 4 <>
* Upgrade to rspec 3.x [smtlaissezfaire, sgnn7]
* Officially Drop support for ruby versions < 2.0.x
* Officially Drop support for rails < 3.2
0.13.1 - 2014-11-18
* Add counter caching [smtlaissezfaire]
belongs_to :user, :counter_cache => true
belongs_to :user, :counter_cache => :custom_posts_count
* Add Symbol type [miyucy]
* Add the ability to easily query collection stats: [sgnn7]
Bug Fixes:
* Proxy#send should work with blocks and procs [mgroeneman]
* Support inheriting OneAssociation. [DimaSamodurov]
* write_attribute should return a type casted value [smtlaissezfaire]
* Fix remove_validations_for for AS 4.1 [cpmurphy]
* Fix autosupport loading issue (See rails issue 14664), and add test for ruby 2.1.1 [leifcr]
* Fix syntax error in rescue response declarations for rails < 3.2 was causing MongoMapper::DocumentNotFound exceptions to cause an exception in WebBrick's exception handling in development. [bsoule]
* Lock rest-client to 1.6.7 to ensure installation on 1.8.7
* Added error message: can't mass assign protected attribute. This should be deprecated for proper protected_attributes support down the road. [ThomasAlxDmy]
* Add a spec to check for extra whitespace in files [rthbound]
0.13.0 - 2014-05-2014
* Rails 4 support! [cheald]
* Added error message: can't mass assign protected attribute []
* Add Integer#from_mongo. [cheald][#533]
* Normalize IDs passed to #find!, so that it may accept an unsplatted array of IDs, just like #find. [cheald][#468][#469].
* Performance Improvements to: typecasting, identity map, etc. (see a60b04c) [cheald]
* Upgrade safe semantics to be consistent with the new MongoClient safe semantics (:safe => true is now on by default) [cheald]
* Various performance fixes mostly related to avoid extraneous method invocation [cheald]
* Optimization: use key? [jnunemaker]
* Added SSL connection support []
* Add automatic id generation when not set (for instance, when calling clone). []
Bug Fixes:
* validatior#setup is deprecated in activemodel 4.1 [fcheung]
* Only add the _type key to inherited classes when they have the same collection as their parent. Classes with a different collection name don't need the SCI keys. [cheald]
* remove the _type key when SCI is turned off with set_collection_name. Add specs to cover it. [cheald]
* Key serialization mutates model state when using key Array with option typecast [Oktavilla]
* Be more clear when specifying which version of JRuby mongo_mapper is tested against []
* Fix db:drop to match everything but system exactly [banyan]
* Fix rescue responses for rails 3.0 and 3.1 [leifrc]
* Use ruby 1.8 syntax for hashes []
* Cast data with loaded from an embedded proxy, as embedded proxies may receive their values from uncast sources. [cheald][#536]
* Permit suppression of accessor methods via the :accessors option to #key. [cheald][#535]
* Guard against failures when the keys are read or written during a hijacked #initialize before we've gotten to run our own #initialize. [pluginaweek][#531]
* When performing Time#to_mongo, round times off to milliseconds and discard microseconds. [cheald][#455]
* Permit the use of #insert and #update in addition to #save, so that we can catch and raise errors in safe mode. [cheald][#398].
* Add critera_hash when single collection inherited. [cheald][#454]
* Fix issues with set_collection_name nullifying SCI on 1.8 [cheald]
* Disable SCI when an inherited model explicitly changes its collection. Closes [cheald][#396]
* Validate key names. Explicitly disallow keys named `id` since they aren't reachable via plucky due to key normalization. Validate key names via regex. [cheald][#399].
* Don't attempt to create a connection when inheriting classes if one does not already exist. [cheald][#460]
* Accept blocks passed to new/build/create/create! on documents and associations. [cheald][#352]
* Compact before setting embedded docs on a many association. [cheald][#288]
* Limit subclass scopes to subclasses. [cheald][#512]
* Update bundler and fix mocha dependency [josevalim]
* Fix Ruby 2.0 breakage caused by behavior changes to #respond_to? [cheald][#473]
* Don't iterate the whole cursor twice when using IdentityMap with #all. Improve performance by avoiding explicit block bindings, extraneous method calls, and extraneous array creation. [cheald]
* Provide a fix for many associations not yielding to each in callbacks. [jnunemaker]
* Support non-ObjectID ids being given to modifiers. [jnunemaker]
* Inherit connection and database name. Subclasses were not getting these before. Only collection name was inherited. [jnunemaker][#420][#424]
* Update travis to test on 2.1.1 [leifcr]
* Do not mutate model values using key with typecast []
* Setting a key using send should return the new value [tjwp-yesware]
* docs fixes [KristineHines, lucianosousa]
* Lock timecop to 0.6.1 for Ruby 1.8.7 support [cheald]
* Bump plucky requirement to 0.6.5 [cheald]
* Add #dynamic_keys and #defined_keys to let developers distinguish defined schema from derived schema. Use a less clever idiom for 1.8-compatible hash filtering. [cheald]
* Add key aliasing [cheald]
* mongo driver requires that read preference to be type of symbol []
* changed deleted cursor.next_object method to [jamesbowles]
* Use ||= idiom []
* Update to latest plucky. [nunemaker]
* Added record_timestamps class var to the timestamps plugin []
* reverse_merge! -> reverse_merge [nviennot]
* Some source files were executable []
* Fix legacy mongo class names, that are in deprecation as of 1.8.0. [archSeer]
* move delete and destroy methods to Querying::Decorator []
* Improvements to key methods (see 942003cca2)[cheald]
* Fix travis suport []
0.12.0 - 2012-09-12
* Identity map is now more opt-in. Middleware turns it on, but it stays off for background jobs and such without explicit intervention.
* Update to latest version of plucky
* Rails 3.2 support
* Support new mongo hosts option format
* A few bug fixes
0.11.1 - 2012-03-30
* Add ActiveRecord-style #touch to documents and associations
* Add options to atomic modifiers that are passed to the driver
Page.increment({:title => "Hello World"}, {:comment_count => 1}, {:upsert => true})
Bug Fixes:
* Stop raising error if MongoMapper.database is nil
* Delegate :distinct, :size, :reverse, :offset, :order, :empty?, :filter,
:find_one, :per_page, :ignore, :only, and :to_a on Document to query
* Fix for EmbeddedDocument#inspect [#373]
* Ensure milliseconds are preserved with time values [#308]
* Allow MongoMapper.setup to accept a symbol for the environment name
0.11.0 - 2012-01-26
* Adds support for has_one polymorphic embedded associations
* Adds namespacing to model generator
* Adds :context option to validates_associated
many :things
validates_associated :things, :context => :custom_context
* Adds ActiveRecord-compatible association reflection
* Adds support for setting mongo connection options in mongo.yml
uri: <%= ENV['MONGOHQ_URL'] %>
safe: true
* Adds #timestamps! to embedded documents
Bug Fixes
* #update_attribute now ignores attr_accessible and attr_protected
* Fix deprecation warnings in Rails 3.2