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Commits on Oct 11, 2010
  1. @jnunemaker
  2. @jnunemaker
  3. @jnunemaker
  4. @jnunemaker

    Threw bundler into the mix.

    jnunemaker committed
  5. @jnunemaker
  6. @jnunemaker

    Update plucky dependency (and as such mongo, bson, etc.) and upgrade …

    jnunemaker committed
    …Binary type to use BSON::Binary instead of BSON::ByteBuffer.
Commits on Sep 23, 2010
  1. @bkeepers

    Quiet down the tests

    bkeepers committed
  2. @bkeepers

    remove unnecessary conditional

    bkeepers committed
Commits on Aug 29, 2010
  1. @jnunemaker

    Release 0.8.4.

    jnunemaker committed
  2. @jnunemaker
  3. @jnunemaker

    Using allocate to create new instance from database. Separated initia…

    jnunemaker committed
    …lize and initialize_from_database instead of having two parameters for initialize. Should make overriding initialize/etc easier.
  4. @ryana @jnunemaker

    new documents should not validate on uniquness if allow_blank || allo…

    ryana committed with jnunemaker
    …w_nil are false and the docs are blank || nil
  5. @tjtuom @jnunemaker
  6. @jnunemaker
  7. @jnunemaker
  8. @jnunemaker
  9. @skinandbones @jnunemaker

    Fixed accessing _root_document from an embedded document that is nest…

    skinandbones committed with jnunemaker
    …ed within another embedded document.
  10. @jnunemaker
  11. @devwout @jnunemaker
  12. @devwout @jnunemaker

    Fix cloning of documents with loaded associations.

    devwout committed with jnunemaker
    Ruby automatically copies instance variables when cloning, before initialize_copy runs.
    Documents with loaded associations shared their association proxies with the clone.
  13. @jnunemaker
  14. @jnunemaker
  15. @jnunemaker
  16. @jnunemaker

    Updated dev dependencies.

    jnunemaker committed
  17. @jnunemaker

    Added a rails/init file to clear descendants and identity map in deve…

    jnunemaker committed
    …lopment mode and thus avoid development memory leaks.
  18. @jnunemaker
  19. @jnunemaker

    Added identity map examples, including clearing middleware and additi…

    jnunemaker committed
    …on to turn it on for all models.
  20. @jnunemaker
  21. @jnunemaker

    Added cache_key example.

    jnunemaker committed
  22. @jnunemaker
  23. @jnunemaker

    Added custom types example.

    jnunemaker committed
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
  1. @jnunemaker

    Updated plucky dependency.

    jnunemaker committed
Commits on Aug 9, 2010
  1. @jnunemaker

    Release 0.8.3. Tiny bugs.

    jnunemaker committed
  2. @jnunemaker
  3. @jnunemaker
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