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:required doesn't seem to work well on Boolean types #370

rtyler opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'll come back later with a test case but the gist of it here is that a column:

   key :recurring, Boolean, :required => true

When saving that document which has foobar.recurring = false the following failure occurs:

 Validation failed: Recurring can't be blank (MongoMapper::DocumentNotValid)

Probably using #present? in the validation, which returns false for false.


Same here.


MongoMapper seems to work like ActiveRecord here:

"If you want to validate the presence of a boolean field (where the real values are true and false), you will want to use validates_inclusion_of :field_name, :in => [true, false] This is due to the way Object#blank? handles boolean values. false.blank? # => true"

In my models I always use
validates_inclusion_of :some_boolean_key, :in => [true, false]
and it works fine.


Closed by 4c96d02.

@cheald cheald closed this
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