Issue when ordering in pagination #479

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Tried to do the following query:
@events = Event.fields(:id, :name, :state, :start_date).paginate({:order => :created_at.desc, page: page, per_page: Event.per_page})

And received this error:
NoMethodError (undefined method `flatten' for #Squeel::Nodes::Order:0x007fdf9faa04e8).

Could only solve it doing:
@events = Event.fields(:id, :name, :state, :start_date).paginate({:order => 'created_at DESC', page: page, per_page: Event.per_page})

cheald commented Jul 6, 2013

This looks like a conflict between MongoMapper's symbol extensions and Squeel's. See their extensions. In the case where two libraries are both trying to add the same behavior, it's going to have to be up to the user to resolve the conflicts, unfortunately.

@cheald cheald closed this Jul 6, 2013
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