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Document the options hash that can be passed to all modifier methods #416

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@balexand Okay, got that in the docs after tidying it up to match the other examples. MongoMapper's code needed a bit of work to make the docs correct though, so that's in master now as well.

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Note that if you pass *-1*, it will remove the *first element* from the array.
+h2(#options). Options
+An options hash can be passed as the final argument. These options will be passed to the Ruby driver's "update method": For example, to do an upsert:
+{% highlight ruby %}
+HitCount.increment({:path => "/about"}, {:count => 1}, :upsert => true)
+{% endhighlight %}
+Please note that MongoMapper always sets the @:multi@ option to @true@. This cannot be overridden.
h2(#notes). Notes
When applying a modifier operation on a variable (local or instance), make sure to reload the variable. MongoMapper does not update the state of the variable unless you explicitly tell it to like so:
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