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Open Source Love

A native mobile chat client library for Rocket.Chat on both iOS and Android.




Overview of features that are supported in this library

  • groups
    • private (groups)
    • public(channels)
    • 1:1 (direct)
  • messages
    • text
    • image
      • camera & gallery
      • caching
      • pinch and zoom
    • video attachments
    • emoji support
    • threaded messages
  • user/group profile pages

You can embed this library to have collaboration in your application.

Demo / Quick Start

  1. Download mongrov official app from app store and install on your device
  2. On launching app, tap on under label WORKSPACE
  3. give your server full name on this dialog
    1. if you dont have one, you can use or
  4. user your username and password to login to the server

NOTE: if you want to test notifications, please use

roverz Quick Start

A fully working example have been included in example directory.

# clone source
git clone
cd mongrov/example

# install all dependencies
npm install

# start the service in a separate terminal
npm start -- --reset-cache

# for iOS
react-native run-ios
# for android
react-native run-android


In order to include this library into your project, issue to your react-native project

npm install --save

Questions / Issues

If you got any questions or problems using, please visit our Github Repository and write an issue.


We're happy to include any type of contribution! This can be:

  • bug/issues
  • code fixes
  • language translations
  • writing documentation & demos

See CONTRIBUTING for further information.


Apache License, Version 2.0

See LICENSE for full details.

This project is supported and donated by