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Robot Framework Mobile Test Automation using UIAutomator
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RobotFramework - Mykonos


Mykonos is a complete test automation tools for Android Device using Robot Framework and UI Automator (Python), it easy to learn because Mykonos use BDD syntax to write the test cases.


  • Download and Install Python3 Python
  • Install latest Robot framework latest base on the guidance Robotframework


 pip install mykonos


  • Download and Install the android emulator base on the guidance Genymotion or Android Emulator.
  • Make sure emulator is available by checking with adb devices, for more detail info please check the adb command on ADB Shell guidance.
  • Make sure Robot Framework is able to run by execute robot --version and it will get Robot Framework version as a result.
  • Create a file (sample.robot).
  • Import Mykonos Library on the Robot Framework Test Suite.
  • Write test case base on Robot Framework guidance.

Code Example

Below is the sample test case for testing an Application Messaging (sample.robot).

*** Settings ***
Library                                           mykonos

*** Variables ***
${sender_number}                                  0812345678
${message}                                        helllo

*** keywords ***
Open Application
    Open App                                        devices_parallel=${emulator}     package=${activity_apk}

Click Icon Message
    Click Element                                   text=Messaging    devices_parallel=${emulator}

Click Icon New Message
    Click Element                            devices_parallel=${emulator}

Input Phone Number
    [Arguments]                                     ${input_phonenumber}
    Input Text                                      text=To    devices_parallel=${emulator}   input=${input_phonenumber}

Press Enter
    Press Keycode                                   keys=enter     devices_parallel=${emulator}

Input Message
    [Arguments]                                     ${input_message}
    Input Text                                      className=android.widget.EditText   devices_parallel=${emulator}   input=${input_message}

Click Send Message
    Click Element                             className=android.widget.ImageButton      devices_parallel=${emulator}

Close Application
    Close App                                       package=${apk}      devices_parallel=${emulator}

*** Test Cases ***
Test Case Input Phone Number on Application Messaging
    Open Application
    Click Icon New Message
    Input Phone Number                              ${sender_number}
    Press Enter
    Input Message                                   ${message}
    Click Send Message
    Close Application

Run The Test

Run the test case by execute robot sample.robot on your terminal.

Documentation Detail

Mykonos Documentation


  • Forks repo and clone to your local computer.
  • Checkout the source code from development branch.
  • Modified, create unit test and make sure the code is running well on local.
  • Commit and pull request the changes to development branch.



Thanks to uiautomator's and thewife author to inspire us to make this library.

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