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@djaiss djaiss released this 13 Apr 02:40

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

This is a major new version, bumped to version 2.0.0 as we introduce a breaking change in the API regarding relationships.

There are many big features in this release:

  • The biggest feature is the ability to link contacts together in a much more precise way than before. We now support a dozens of possible relationships between people - family related, love related, friends and work related.
  • Contacts are now identified in URLs by what we call a UUID - a complex hash that uniquely identifies the contact, and make it harder to guess. This makes Monica a bit more secure.
  • You can now show or hide specific features on a Contact sheet. That means if you don't want to manage gifts, for instance, you can disable the feature entirely in your Settings.
  • There is a new command php artisan monica:update to update a Monica instance. This is now the only command you need when you update the instance.

There have been more than 70 commits since the last release. We have fixed many bugs and made many improvements that are transparent for users, but make the platform more stable.

We'd like to thank our translators for the constant improvements of the translations in Monica. This is such an awesome work that you do.


  • Completely change how relationships between contacts work (#971 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add monica:update Artisan command to update an instance (#997 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Add UUID instead of actual ID to identify contacts (#777 - thanks to turtles2).
  • Add ability to define which features you want active on the Contact sheet (#1121 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add ability to set a journal entry date (#1116 - thanks to Dagolin).
  • Remove the ability to track users with Google Analytics or Intercom from the instance (#1157 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Support for right to left languages (#1143 - thanks to asbiin).


  • Add Linkedin url in the Contact object returned by the API (#1042 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add with parameter in Contact object to retrieve contact fields (#1044 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add yearly statistics to Activity and Call objects in the API (#1049 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Support markdown in activity comments (#1145 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Lots of translations update (# - thanks to ).


  • Fix called_at field in the Call object returned by the API (#1043 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Fix usage of wrong success message when adding existing contact as kid of someone (#1041 - thanks to DarkGigaByte).
  • Fix update tag on contact page (#1089 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Fix a bug when editing gift (#1088 - thanks to turtles2).