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@djaiss djaiss released this 17 Apr 12:59

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

This release contains bug fixes introduced in version 2.0.0. It also contains a redesign of the header, which now includes a visual indicator if new features have been added to the product.

We list below the most important changes. If you want to read the complete list of change, you can read the changelog since the last version.


  • Add changelog inside the application (#1172 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Switch to yarn to manage node.js modules (#1188 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Add ability to set relationships through the API (#1181 - thanks to djaiss).


  • Move dates formatting rules to a translatable file (#1113 - thanks to asbiin).


  • Fix daily statistics calculation command (#1163 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Fix some gender_ids being 0 for some contacts (#1171 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Fix how you meet section not being shown (#1175 - thanks to djaiss).

We love hearing from you and actively reply to all requests so please let us know what's working well and where we need to improve.