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  • v2.11.0
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@djaiss djaiss released this Dec 23, 2018 · 1844 commits to master since this release

This release is the last major release of 2018. It contains major new features and enhancements, including the ability to upload photos.

Upgrade notes

⚠️ Please make sure you backup your database before upgrading.

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

There are 4 new ENV variables that need to be set if you want to take advantages of the new features introduced in this version.

  • ENABLE_GEOLOCATION: enables the translation of addresses into longitude/latitude automatically. This is necessary for the weather feature (see below).
  • LOCATION_IQ_API_KEY: the API key for LocationIQ, which is used to translate addresses to get GPS coordinates. LocationIQ provides a very generous free plan that anyone can use.
  • ENABLE_WEATHER: enables to display the current weather on a contact profile page.
  • DARKSKY_API_KEY: the API key for Darksky which provides the weather data.

Of course, no personal information is ever transmitted to external services.

🌍Thanks so much to our contributors and translators for their work.


✳️ Added

  • add ability to create tasks that are not linked to contacts (#2067 - thanks to djaiss).
  • allow editing of phone calls (#2134 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add ability to indicate who initiated a phone call (#2143 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add foundation to support emotions and ability to log emotions during a phone call (#2144 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add ability to upload photos (#2132 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add ability to add gps coordinates to addresses (#2160 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add a service that geocodes addresses (#2162 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add recovery codes (#2120 - thanks to asbiin).
  • add support for weather (#2178 - thanks to djaiss).
  • include apache.conf example for ssl configuration (#2047 - thanks to DanTulovsky).
  • update mobile instructions install (#2060 - thanks to asbiin).
  • add .well-known urls (#2061 - thanks to asbiin).
  • accept variants of languages (#2098 - thanks to asbiin).
  • remove limitation on date when creating an activity (#2133 - thanks to djaiss).
  • add the concept of places (#2169 - thanks to djaiss).

✴️ Changed

  • move currency seeding to a seeder class (#1956 - thanks to pschmidt88).
  • refactor contact management with services (#2168 - thanks to djaiss).
  • improve locationiq search query (#2184 - thanks to asbiin).
  • add unsigned integers to emotion_call foreign keys (#2185 - thanks to djaiss).


  • exclude partials from contact limit (#2058 - thanks to tbirrell).
  • display avatars in search (#2075 - thanks to asbiin).
  • add heroku update documentation (#2083 - thanks to tomgs).
  • fix documents not displayed on Storage page (#2094 - thanks to djaiss).
  • profile edit cancel button text alignment on narrow screens (#2097 - thanks to Venhaus).
  • fix dashboard stats spacing (#2110 - thanks to Venhaus).
  • put back the missing image on the dashboard (#2117 - thanks to djaiss).
  • fix using node.js version 10 (#2118 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix VCard import without firstname (#2093 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix activity buttons spacing (#1964 - thanks to andreasjacobsen93).
  • add asset tags to resources so they load properly in non-root directories (#2115 - thanks to bendauphinee).
  • fix vcard export/import support (#2084 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix incompatibility with PostgreSQL in people search (#2055 - thanks to LorenzoAncora).
  • add conversation add/update flash messages (#2066 - thanks to mccollam).
  • fix editing relationship not working (#2121 - thanks to djaiss).
  • fix Set Tag api method which deleted existing tags (#2122 - thanks to djaiss).
  • change contact list class to allow following link (#2124 - thanks to mccollam).
  • make FakeContentTableSeeder runnable several times (#2099 - thanks to AdrienPoupa).
  • reduce the number of queries in the dashboard by eager loading the contacts (#2138 - thanks to AdrienPoupa).
  • Fix Vue app initialisation (#2186 - thanks to asbiin).
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