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@djaiss djaiss released this Apr 7, 2019 · 1745 commits to master since this release

This release changes one of the major component of Monica: genders. Gender is not mandatory anymore, and is more flexible during the import/export processes.

There are one big migration to run, so make sure to backup the database before upgrading.

There is also one potential breaking change:

  • we now require PHP 7.2.

Upgrade notes

⚠️ Please make sure you backup your database before upgrading.

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

🌍Thanks so much to our contributors and translators for their work.

✳️ Added

  • add ability to update a relationship (#2470 - thanks to asbiin).

✴️ Changed


  • make gift nature labels have consistent order between profile and gift management pages (#2469 - thanks to mechanarchy).
  • remove http server (#2523 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix contact missing create form (#2468 - thanks to asbiin).
  • add a test in MoneyHelper with locale formatting (#2542 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix dashboard crash when reminder is empty (#2503 - thanks to justsomebody42).
  • fix coverage on some lines (#2546 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix address input label mistake (#2549 - thanks to asbiin).
  • fix event dispatch (#2555 - thanks to asbiin).
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