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@djaiss djaiss released this 14 Jun 01:06

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

⚠️ Please make sure you backup your database before upgrading.

This release brings two important changes:

  • The first one is a bug fix for a bug that happens in some cases. More specifically, for some versions of mySQL, our previous version (2.2.1) could broke the migrations, and thus broke the application. To fix this, we've added a new ENV variable DB_USE_UTF8MB4 , which defaults to true. In most cases, mySQL supports this encoding format, but in some cases, it doesn't. Please make sure your version supports this format - otherwise, indicate false in the ENV file and nothing will break.
  • A new cool feature: nicknames. Basically, we do support nicknames now. We've added also 7 different ways to display names, including (or not) the nickname. This should give you enough control over how you want to manage nicknames.

Thanks so much to our contributors and translators for their work.

Below are listed the most important changes. If you want to read the complete list of change, you can read the changelog since the last version.

✳️ Added

  • Add support for nickname (#1359 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add a new ENV variable DB_USE_UTF8MB4 to manage database encoding format (#1466 - thanks to asbiin).

✴️ Changed

  • Add default accounts email confirmation in setup:test (#1435 - thanks to jappareti).
  • Fix sonar dependencies (#1425 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Set the default vue tooltip delay to 0 so the tooltip does not stay displayed (#1470 - thanks to tomzx).
  • Replace queries with hardcoded "monica" database name to use the current default connection database (#1372 - thanks to tomzx).
  • Set the default_avatar_color property before saving a contact model. (#1464 - thanks to tomzx).

⚛ Fixed

  • Fix CSV import that can break if dates have the wrong format (#1462 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Fix account reset not working (#1463 - thanks to djaiss).