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@djaiss djaiss released this 17 Aug 21:56

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

⚠️ Please make sure you backup your database before upgrading.

The big feature in this release is a new report page for all the activities done with your contacts - a new, beautiful way to see how much you see your friends. We've also implemented something in the backend we've worked on for months: end 2 end tests with Cypress, which will hopefully let us have a more stable product.

🌍Thanks so much to our contributors and translators for their work.

✳️ Added

  • Add activities report page (#1628 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add ability to favorite contacts (#1691 - thanks to djaiss).

✴️ Changed

  • Enable turkish locale (#1684 - thanks to djaiss).
  • Add rich dropdown on relationships view (#1379 - thanks to Dagolin).
  • Render timezone dropdown dynamically (#1672 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Use a new formatter to display money (#1699 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Get first existing gravatar of all emails of the contact (#1703 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Display the date and time of the next reminder when changing the hours a reminder need to sent in the Settings (#1704 - thanks to asbiin).

⚛ Fixed

  • Another fix for update timestamps migration (#1673 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Fix reminders not being sent for single digit hours (00:00-09:00) (#1663 - thanks to TheZenti).
  • Fix accounts with an empty reminder time (#1677 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Fix account id get for acceptPolicy (#1661 - thanks to asbiin).
  • Add pluralization of activities in profile subtitle (#1701 - thanks to asbiin).