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This repository contains data and analysis scripts as reported in the study of Individual Differences in Subphonemic Sensitivity and Phonological Skills

Download the Repo

Run the following command in your terminal or command line

git clone https://github.monicaycli/subcat

Docker Container

For reproducibility, we customized a Docker container image with a version-controlled RStudio environment including all packages required for running the analysis scripts.

  1. Install Docker: click here

  2. Pull the Docker image: enter the following command in your terminal or command line

    docker pull monicaycli/subcat
  3. Run an instance of the Docker image:

    docker run -d --name=SUBCAT -p 8787:8787 -v $(pwd):/home/rstudio monicaycli/subcat
    • Note that you can replace $(pwd) with any local directory you would like to have access to from within the container
  4. Open the container's RStudio in a broswer:

    • Open a browser and enter the url: localhost:8787

    • When prompted, enter rstudio for both the username and password

    • In the RStudio interface, navigate to the directory container the analysis scripts and run the scripts

  5. To stop the container once you are done:

    docker container stop SUBCAT
  6. To remove the container instance (not the image itself):

    docker container rm SUBCAT
  7. To remove the image:

    docker image rm monicaycli/subcat


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