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My entry for the monthly MDN Dev Derby Challenge. A developer can only win once during the year. Please view my October entry from the MDN Site at the following url and click LIKE at the top of the page to help me win. I appreciate your support very much and I hope you also get inspired by Responsive Web Design & Development.


Developer: Monica Peters

CSS Media Queries, Size Matters, October 2012

I created a responsive web page to demonstrate how CSS Media Queries can be used to change media based on each unique viewer's different screen sized. I did not focus on specific devices, because it seems more efficient to focus on the actual screen size instead of redundant CSS for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Thousands of Devices.

If this project inspires you to create your own responsive website, please send a link to me and we can do a friendly link exchange.

Responsive Design Inspiration:

ToDo: Add link to my entry at MDN site. CSS for Print, GreyScale, and TTY. Add custom icons. Add custom icons for lists.