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Sample project to use monigusto with vagrant
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"monigusto" - "hearty or keen enjoyment while monitoring"

The monigusto project aims to provide the equivalent of vagrant up but for monitoring and logging:

A single server box that contains the most common/current tools for monitoring like graphite, statsd, collectd, nagios, logstash, jmxtrans, tasseo , gdash , librato and sensu . Then it becomes easy for a developer to get used to the management and monitoring and without the hassle of setting it up from scratch or finding out how to make it work together


Setup a sample project

git clone monigusto
cd monigusto

Install necessary gems

gem install bundler
bundle install

Install necessary cookbooks

bundle exec rake monigusto:install

This will install the cookbooks required for monigusto in monigusto/cookbooks. You can use your own cookbooks in site-cookbooks or cookbooks

Download the basebox

bundle exec vagrant box add ubuntu-12.04

Spinup a client and server

bundle exec vagrant up server
bundle exec vagrant up client

Customize the configuration

Files that might need customization:

  • Vagrantfile
  • nodes/*.json
  • roles/*.json

Network configuration

This currently assumes the following:

  • client :
  • server :

Network ports

Mapped by Vagrant

Accessible from your client

  • graphite: tcp/2003
  • statsd: udp/8125
  • logstash: tcp/5959
  • elasticsearch: tcp/9200

Update monigusto

bundle exec rake monigusto:update

Customize a basebox

Use the prebuild image

Build it with veewee/bentoo

bundle exec vagrant basebox build ubuntu-12.04
bundle exec vagrant basebox export ubuntu-12.04
bundle exec vagrant add ubuntu-12.04

Technology used




JMX trans



Tasseo (graphite dashboard)



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