A Coding Contest Django App with an Input/Output Judge and Multiple Choice Questions
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Coding Competition Platform Django App

This is a Django app for hosting a coding contest with a judge.

Two types of questions can be made :
1. Questions with description and sample Input/Output followed by test input. User must paste the correct output to the problem set.
2. Multiple Choice Questions

There is a timer that ticks off the moment user logs in for the first time. After a certain period, no submissions can be made from a particular user.

A scoreboard feature (only accessible to admin) has been made to view all teams in order of their ranks and scores on /scoreboard/.

To create a user, a user must be first made on Django admin and a corresponding user profile object must also be made.

@chiragjn (http://github.com/chiragjn) and I had developed this for the screening round of a coding competition held in our college by our college's ACM student chapter. I hope this turns out to be useful for other colleges trying to hold similar competitions in their colleges.

Demo Images

Login Screen

alt tag

Participant View

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Coding Problem View

alt tag

MCQ View

alt tag

Scoreboard View

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