Collaborative tool for students to help them complete and organise assignments
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Collaborative tool for students to help them complete and organise assignments.

Made this responsive Django webapp in college for a hackathon. This aims to solve a major problem prevalent in colleges that still stress on rote learning. Share and learn from other students and quickly complete all your assignments!

1.) Students can create or join groups
2.) Students can upload assignments to a group
3.) All assignments in the group are show in priorty (depending on due date, views and other factors)
4.) All students that are members of a group can add assignments (collection of image files)
5.) All students can view assignments in a gallery
6.) Each group has a PIN that can be used to join a group. Share it with your classmates to enable them to join and contribute to your group.

We've decided to move to an app based version from the web version. So sharing the code for any one else to learn!

** I'd highly recommend you to use Amazon S3 for hosting the images **

Live Demo (!Doesn't work because we couldn't afford the AWS S3 costs anymore :( )

Demo Pictures

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Group Home

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Share Group

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Assignment View

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Assignment Read View

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