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Gif-maker is a small app for creating animated gif from multiple images written in Golang.
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A service for creating gif image from multiple jpeg, jpg images


$ go mod download
$ go run main.go

With Docker

$ docker build -t gif-maker .
$ docker run -p 8090:8090 gif-maker

After running the server upload the files using a HTTP POST request.  

curl -X POST -F 'delay=1' -F 'file[]=@/path/to/pictures/img1.jpeg' -F 'file[]=@/path/to/pictures/img2.jpeg' http://localhost:8090/create

Or you can browse and upload it through your web browser http://localhost:8090,

When you get the successful response, browse to http://localhost:8090/file

See the live demo Here


  • Add support for configurable image width and height, currently it takes first image's width height as default size if all the provided images are not in same width and height.
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