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M3 => MMM => Monitis Monitor Manager

This is a utility that would help you to manage monitors in Monitis.

M3 helper scripts

  • - Executes all agents, then sends the monitoring data to Monitis.
  • - Same as, however does not send monitoring data to Monitis. Can be used to debug your parsing.
  • - Runs M3 in a loop using timers to schedule invocation of monitors
  • - Same as but does not send monitoring data to Monitis.
  • - Operates on the output line by line, very useful for mass loading of data obtained from log files.
  • - Same as but goes with a dry run.\
  • will convert a nagios configuration to M3 - still work in progress
  • RRD/munin_xml_generator - Creates a M3 configuration from munin data

Any of these scripts can be composed by yourself, it's a simple perl line.

M3 Plugin architecture

M3 has a plugin architecture. 3 types of plugins exist:

  1. Execution
  2. Parsing
  3. Compute And they sit in the Execution, Parsing and Compute directories respectively.

M3 phases

  • Execution plugins - Collecting output
  • Parsing plugins - picking the interesting data
  • Compute plugins - Post processing and transformation of data
  • Loading data to Monitis

Plugin documentation

Very simple example

Inspecting the simplest example of M3 - etc_file_monitor.xml it'll execute the command:

# find /etc -maxdepth 1 -type f | wc -l

In order to collect the output and upload to Monitis you have to form a

regular expression, in this example it is:

<regex>(.*)</regex> Anything enclosed in parenthesis would be collected by the regular expression plugin.

Further reading

Learn more about Montis Monitor Manager Framework here.

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