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Monitoring Artist

Devops / Cloud: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Terraform, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Zabbix, IAM, OIDC, SAML, ...

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We are Monitoring Artist company, mainly focused on cloud ☁️, authentication 🔒, monitoring 📣, tracing 🔍 projects. Working, Devopsing, Dockerising, Grafanasing, Keycloaking, Clouding, Lambdasing for customers around the globe. If you are using our projects, please provide feedback and star them.

Our summary:

Professional devops / monitoring / observability / consulting services:

Monitoring Artist


  1. ☁️ 30+ Grafana dashboards for AWS CloudWatch metrics: EC2, Lambda, S3, ELB, EMR, EBS, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS, EFS, ElastiCache, Billing, API Gateway, VPN, Step Functions, Route 53, CodeBuild, ...

    Jsonnet 1.6k 656

  2. 🐳 Docker/Kubernetes/Mesos/Marathon/Chronos/LXC/LXD/Swarm container monitoring - Docker image, Zabbix template and C module

    C 1.2k 271

  3. 📝 850+ Zabbix community project links: SW/HW/DB templates, scripts, CLIs, integrations, API libraries, modules, configurations, ...

    950 322

  4. 📦 Kubernetes Zabbix/Grafana cluster (bare metal, Google Computer Engine - GCE, Google Container Engine - GKE)

    263 81

  5. dockbix-xxl Public

    🐳 Dockerized Zabbix - server, web, proxy, java gateway, snmpd with additional extensions

    JavaScript 379 143

  6. 🐳 Dockerized Zabbix agent with Docker metrics and host metrics support for CoreOS, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Boot2docker, Photon OS, Amazon Linux, ...

    182 53


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