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Zabbix Template App Zenoss

Zabbix template for Zenoss. Unfortunately Zenoss doesn't have powerfull
selfmonitoring. Zabbix solution has been choosed, because realtime log monitoring. You can find better systems (OpenTSDB, Logstash, ...) for some particular monitoring problems, but Zabbix is IMHO the best and the most flexible monitoring system for monitoring of Zenoss in this case. This template is prepared for Zenoss Core 4.2.5 (all on one node), but it can be modified for commercial or older versions as well.

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Zenoss Metrics

Zenoss Performance (90 metrics)

These metrics are fetched from Zenoss Daemon Performance metrics (/opt/zenoss/perf/Daemons/*.rrd). I didn't find any way how to obtain them realtime, so RRD files are used. Zabbix doesn't handle NaN value, so NaN is converted to 0.RRDs are not updated realtime, but they can be delayed 5-9 minutes. So rrdtool uses --start and --end time condition:

rrdtool fetch --start=now-15min --end=now-9min <rrd_file.rrd> AVERAGE

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Zenoss Performance

Zenoss Logs (44 metrics)

Usually only errors or warns are logged in Zabbix. POSIX regular expressions are used for matching log lines. Exceptions has some "audit" logs e.g. install.log. All log lines are fetched in this case. Events are raised if you have some new
log lines at the last 10 minutes. Calculated items new log lines at the last minute, are created, because graph for logs.

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Zenoss Logs

Zenoss RabbitMQ (21 metrics)

Keep in mind, that RabbitMQ metrics need /usr/sbin/rabbitmqadmin, which is not standard part of RabbitMQ. Check for more informations. You can monitor more RabbitMQ metrics, but only basics (current size of queue and current message queue rate) are enabled.

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Zenoss RabbitMQ

Zenoss Processes (54 metrics)

Every Zenoss is monitored for number of processes, CPU and memory utilization (parsed from ps -u C).

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Zenoss Processes

Zenoss Ports (9 metrics)

Some known TCP/UDP Zenoss ports are also monitored. If port is TCP, it's also monitored its performance.

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Zenoss Ports


Template contains 16 graphs. Selected examples:

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Graph Zenoss CPU utilization

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Graph Zenoss new log lines

Zabbix Template App Zenoss - Graph Zenoss running processes


Import provided template Zabbix-Template-App-Zenoss.xml and configure Zabbix agent on Zenoss nodes as active agent, because log monitoring. Also include userparameters_zenoss.conf into your zabbix agent configuration (Include directive). Associate Template App Zenoss with your Zenoss hosts. Another recommended standard Zabbix templates for Zenoss: Template OS Linux, Template App MySQL.


Devops Monitoring zExpert, who loves monitoring systems, which start with letter Z. Those are Zabbix and Zenoss.

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Zabbix template for monitoring of Zenoss monitoring system







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