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Managed by Monitoring Artist: DevOps / Docker / Kubernetes / AWS ECS / Zabbix / Zenoss / Terraform / Monitoring

Zabbix systemd Monitoring


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Monitoring of systemd units by using Zabbix. Available CPU, mem, blkio, ... metrics. Compiled Zabbix Docker shared module is required. See section Compilation. Root permissions are not required.

Module is available as a part of Docker image zabbix-agent-xxl-limited. Quick start:

docker run \
  --name=zabbix-agent-xxl \
  -h $(hostname) \
  -p 10050:10050 \
  -v /:/rootfs \
  -v /var/run:/var/run \
  -d monitoringartist/zabbix-agent-xxl-limited:latest

Don't use localhost or in ZA_Server setting!

Visit Zabbix agent 3.0 XXL with Docker monitoring for more information.

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Available metrics

Note: fid - full unit id (macro {#FID})

Key Description
systemd.discovery[unittype] LLD discovering of running (not all, only running!) systemd units:
unittype - type of discovered unit: service, socker, device, mount, automount, swap, target, path, timer, snapshot, slice, scope
Note: Available macros:
{#FID} - full unit ID (e.g. systemd-journald.service)
{#HID} - human ID (e.g. journald)
systemd.mem[fid,mmetric] Memory metrics:
mmetric - any available memory metric in the pseudo-file memory.stat, e.g.: cache, rss, mapped_file, pgpgin, pgpgout, swap, pgfault, pgmajfault, inactive_anon, active_anon, inactive_file, active_file, unevictable, hierarchical_memory_limit, hierarchical_memsw_limit, total_cache, total_rss, total_mapped_file, total_pgpgin, total_pgpgout, total_swap, total_pgfault, total_pgmajfault, total_inactive_anon, total_active_anon, total_inactive_file, total_active_file, total_unevictable, Note: if you have problem with memory metrics, be sure that memory cgroup subsystem is enabled - kernel parameter: cgroup_enable=memory
systemd.cpu[fid,cmetric] CPU metrics:
cmetric - any available CPU metric in the pseudo-file cpuacct.stat/cpu.stat, e.g.: system, user or container throttling metrics: nr_throttled, throttled_time
Note: Jiffy CPU counter is recalculated to % value by Zabbix.[fid,bfile,bmetric] Blk IO metrics:
bfile - container blkio pseudo-file, e.g.: blkio.io_merged, blkio.io_queued, blkio.io_service_bytes, blkio.io_serviced, blkio.io_service_time, blkio.io_wait_time, blkio.sectors, blkio.time, blkio.avg_queue_size, blkio.idle_time, blkio.dequeue, ...
bmetric - any available blkio metric in selected pseudo-file, e.g.: Total. Option for selected block device only is also available e.g. '8:0 Sync' (quotes must be used in key parameter in this case)
Note: Some pseudo blkio files are available only if kernel config CONFIG_DEBUG_BLK_CGROUP=y, see recommended docs.
systemd.up[fid] Running state check:
1 if unit is running, otherwise 0



See section Compilation.


Edit your zabbix_agentd.conf and set DebugLevel:


Module debug messages will be available in standard zabbix_agentd.log.

Recommended docs


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