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1 = {"flood":{"readme":"# flood\n\n[link](\n\nProfile-based load testing from the Apache Project.\n","git":""},"ab":{"readme":"# ab - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool\n\n[link](\n\nThe load testing tool we've all used but have been unsatisfied with. Useful for testing one URI.\n","git":""},"iago":{"readme":"# Iago\n\n[link](\n\nA load generation library/application for engineers. Focused on accurate and reproducable traffic\nrates and distribution patterns, simple test writing, and extensibility. Iago is implemented in\nScala and tests can be implemented in any language on the JVM. \n","git":""},"ycsb":{"readme":"# Yahoo! Cloud System Benchmark (YCSB)\n\n[site](\n\n[github](\n\nfrom the README:\n\nThe goal of the YCSB project is to develop a framework and common set\nof workloads for evaluating the performance of different \"key-value\"\nand \"cloud\" serving stores. The project comprises two things:\n\n* The YCSB Client, an extensible workload generator\n\n* The Core workloads, a set of workload scenarios to be executed by\n the generator\n","git":""},"autobench":{"readme":"# Autobench\n\n[link](\n\nPerl script to scale httperf from, say, 10 connections per second to 100 requests per second, then provide a graphable CSV output.\n","git":""},"autoperf":{"readme":"# autoperf\n\n[blog post](\n[repo](\n\n\"autoperf is a ruby driver for httperf, designed to help you automate load and performance testing of any web application - for a single end point, or through log replay.\" Written by igrigorik.\n","git":""},"wrk":{"readme":"[link](\n\nFrom the README:\n\nwrk is a modern HTTP benchmarking tool capable of generating significant\nload when run on a single multi-core CPU. It combines a multithreaded\ndesign with scalable event notification systems such as epoll and kqueue.\n\n","git":""},"siege":{"readme":"# siege\n\n[link](\n\nSiege is an http load testing and benchmarking utility. It was designed to let web developers measure their code under duress, to see how it will stand up to load on the internet. Siege supports basic authentication, cookies, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It lets its user hit a web server with a configurable number of simulated web browsers. Those browsers place the server \"under siege.\"\n","git":""},"beeswithmachineguns":{"readme":"# bees with machine guns\n\n[blog](\n\n[repo](\n\nNewsApps's loadtesting/DoS tool. Spin up many AWS Micro instances to attack some resource.\n","git":""},"httperf":{"readme":"# httperf\n\n[link](\n\nLoad testing tool from HP Labs capable of generating very high server load.\n","git":""},"":{"readme":"# blitz\n\n[link](\n\n[documentation/api](\n\ is a loadtesting-as-a-service platform and API that meters services based on a credits system and the idea of \"Rushes\" and \"Sprints\". Free account available.. \n","git":""},"funkload":{"readme":"# FunkLoad\n\n[link](\n\nFunctional and load testing framework for web applications, written in Python. Scriptable, RESTful.\n","git":""},"engulf":{"readme":"# engulf\n\n[blog](\n[link](\n[git](\n\nVisual http load testing tool originally intended to show slow responses from asynchronous servers.\n","git":""}}
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