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The homepage and the documentation for the Monix project website.

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Developing Locally

The website gets generated with Jekyll and articles are type-checked with mdoc. In order to install the required dependencies:

  1. make sure you have a recent Ruby version installed, see for example rbenv for managing Ruby versions, but whatever you can install through your OS's package manager will probably do
  2. install bundler
  3. make sure you have at least Java 8 installed; for managing multiple Java versions see jenv
  4. install sbt

Then to install the Ruby dependencies of the project:


Then to generate the whole website:


Incremental compilation

To generate the mdoc-enabled articles, which takes articles from ./_docs, generating them parsed into ./docs:

sbt mdoc

You can also watch for changes and do incremental compilation:

sbt mdoc --watch

You can also generate the docs for a specific version only, e.g. 2.x vs 3.x, since the versions are described as separate sub-modules:

sbt docs3x/mdoc --watch

To serve the website locally and see what it looks like:

bundle exec jekyll serve

To build the final website:

bundle exec jekyll build

N.B. the sbt mdoc step does not happen automatically, that's a separate step that needs to be execute as shown above.