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// AGSteam: Steam API Plugin for AGS
// (C) 2011-2017 MonkeyMoto Productions, Inc.
#ifndef AGSteam_SteamLeaderboards_H
#define AGSteam_SteamLeaderboards_H
#include "ags2client/Cpp11Fix.h"
#include "ags2client/IClientLeaderboards.h"
namespace AGSteam
namespace Plugin
struct SteamLeaderboards_Statics;
class SteamLeaderboards : public AGS2Client::IClientLeaderboards
friend SteamLeaderboards_Statics;
static SteamLeaderboards& GetSteamLeaderboards() noexcept;
void RequestLeaderboard(char const *leaderboardName, AGS2Client::LeaderboardScore::Type, int limit) const noexcept override;
bool UploadScore(int score) const noexcept override;
char const* GetCurrentLeaderboardName() const noexcept override;
char const* GetLeaderName(int index) const noexcept override;
int GetLeaderScore(int index) const noexcept override;
int GetLeaderCount() const noexcept override;
} // namespace Plugin
} // namespace AGSteam
#endif // AGSteam_SteamLeaderboards_H
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