Some ODF files which might be interesting for testing office applications.
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This was originally put together by Ben Martin in 2011 for the Berlin
ODF plugfest.

Each directory contains the original odt source file and the output
form saving using calligra and abiword, both as an odt file and
expanded into a subdirectory for ease of exploration.

For example, the hike directory the weekend-hike.odt is the original,
weekend-hike-abiword-out.odt is the result of loading weekend-hike.odt
in abiword and saving it again. Likewise weekend-hike-calligra-out.odt
is the result of loading weekend-hike.odt and saving it again.

Note that abiword saves the RDF back into manifest.rdf instead of the
individual source RDF/XML files from which the triples came.

Abiword: 2.9.1

Calligra is from git at around the 12th of July 2011.
More precisely:
$ cat .git/refs/heads/master

For comparison of RDF/XML, one might like to thse the rdf-cat script.
It has evolved from direct redland use to going through soprano.
Soprano should already be available on any recent KDE 4.x desktop
machine. If not, one might wish to use the redland "rdfproc" commands
left in comments instead.

$ cat /home/ben/bin/rdf-cat

TMPDIR=print-rdf-`id -u`
rm -rf /tmp/$TMPDIR 
mkdir  /$TMPDIR



sopranocmd --backend redland  --serialization $FMT import "$SRCDIR/$1"
sopranocmd --backend redland  list

#rdfproc soprano parse "$SRCDIR/$1" $2
#rdfproc soprano print | sort

FWIW the original odt file was generated from source files using a command
like the following:

$ cd zip_contents ; \
  find . -name .svn -prune -or \
   -name "*~" -or \
   -print | zip -@ ../weekend-hike.odt