News classification and insights combining MonkeyLearn and Kimono
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(Note that this is an old repo, the code here is using the now deprecated API v1. We recommend you use the official python API client:


News classification and insights combining MonkeyLearn and Kimono

This post shows you how to combine the power of Kimono and Monkeylearn to scrape news sites and analyze articles in order to gain insights on the different news outlets as well as what's happening around us.

What's included

This repository includes:

  • - a script that takes the raw data downloaded from Kimono and outputs a JSON with nicer data to work with.
  • *_raw.json - the raw data from Kimono to give, and what was used to write the post. The processed data is also included, so processing the raw data is not needed.
  • notebook/
    • *.json - the data to analyze.
    • News.ipyn - an IPython notebook that will classify, process and graph the data.

How to run the notebook

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of the repository.
  3. Install the dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt.
  4. Navigate to the notebook directory.
  5. Do ipython notebook.