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1 parent 56e97cb commit 43030f167ae75f89ee4a1ba86b393293de7f06a9 monkeypuddles committed Feb 17, 2013
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@@ -114,19 +114,20 @@ sleep 3
g4 "Checking server disk space"
df -h
sleep 1
+#building new du
+g4 "check out disk usage"
+g4 "Enter the directory you wish to see Disk usage on"
+ sleep 1
+ echo
+ read DU
+ echo
+ du -sh $DU
#checking amount of disk used per user account
g4 "Checking disk usage for /home directories"
-g1 "Disk useage on user minecraft"
- du -sh /home/minecraft
g1 "Disk useage on user root"
du -sh /root
-g1 "Disk useage on user bobmarker"
- du -sh /home/bobmarker
-g1 "Disk useage on user monkey"
- du -sh /home/monkey
-g1 "Disk useage on user andrewph"
- du -sh /home/andrewph
g4 "disk useage print out done"
g4 "read your profile's Disk useage printout, if it seems overly large, please consider cleaning up your home directory ;) thx!"

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