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added Port Counter, fixed bug in ping cmd

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1 parent 19a7746 commit 81c73c66cd529ef0560220ce7f67ef050c81ade3 monkeypuddles committed Jan 31, 2013
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@@ -133,19 +133,29 @@ g4 "read your profile's Disk useage printout, if it seems overly large, please c
#checking for open ports
-g4 "checking for range of ports, and if they are open"
+g4 "checking ports!!"
sleep 1
echo "Scanning TCP ports..."
for p in {1..6000}
(echo >/dev/tcp/localhost/$p) >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo "$p open"
-sleep 2
+sleep 1
#checking to see what is using the open ports
g4 "checking to see that is using the open ports!"
netstat -tulpn
sleep 3
+#lets let the user check a specific port
+g4 "check out a custome port"
+ sleep 1
+g4 "enter the port you want to try"
+ echo
+ read PORT
+ echo
+ (echo >/dev/tcp/localhost/$PORT) >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo "$PORT open"
g4 "Checking on ping to outside or inside"
sleep 1

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