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Actually your account is your wallet.

You just want to "Augment" it with a nickname and an avatar image.


AlphaLayer is a Layer on the Ethereum Platform that is accessible by any dapp, and it is used in order to Augment any kind of Ethereum Entity existing on the Ethereum Computer (a wallet or a contract containing address public owner; variable)

Augmenting an Ethereum wallet (or a dapp, same operations) can be needed in many situations.

In this example we explore the idea via where you can have a free personal Blog and you want to have some kind of “basic identity”.

When you are using internet forums, usually you don't use your real name nor your real face, instead you use a nick name and an avatar image.

We are now going to associate a name and an image to your wallet.

AlphaLayer isn't a container for images, later it will work according to Swarm, at the moment BLOCKLOG uses it to target a remote image.


Connect to


You should directly see you wallet on the search field at the center of the screen, close to a SEARCH ICON.

AlphaLayer is in alpha version, in case of problems just reload the page!


Click the SEARCH ICON, AlphaLayer will open a new page with a list of Layers.

AlphaLayer is in alpha version, in case of problems just reload the page!


Find the little window with the label NAME (Layer 1), input your NAME or NICKNAME, and click the UPDATE button


Metamask will open an input window, asking you to accept the transaction.

Always check the maount you send: AlphaLayer will never ask you money in order to AUGMENT YOUR OWN WALLET, in fact, the nickname you input will be in LAYER 1 ASSOCIATED TO YOUR WALLET, in few words that information is inside a memory that belongs to you, since you are the owner of the wallet. And only you can modify your AlphaLayer informations!


Once the transaction is complete... reload the page!

Check at the TOP-RIGHT of the page, you should see YOUR NICKNAME (that guy on the top is you!)


Find the little window with label Logo256*256 (Layer 6)

Input the url of a remote avatar image you want to use, and click UPDATE

wait one minute, and reload the page, you should see your avatr image along with your name on the TOP-RIGHT of the screen!

Congratulations! Your wallet now can be used inside BLOCKLOG (or any other environment) and you can be easy recognized by your customers! You are something more than a wallet now!


You are ready to open your Personal Decentralized Blog