MobMuPlat is an iOS & Android app to host PureData patches with custom visual interfaces and hardware access.
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MobMuPlat is an iOS and Android app for audio software made with PureData, with user-created interfaces.

more info at

###Building for iOS, with XCode:

This project is built upon multiple submodules. Clone the project to your computer, then cd into the MobMuPlat folder. Then run (assumes recent version of git):

$ cd MobMuPlat
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

This should populate the libpd folder, and, within libpd, the pure-data folder. Then open MobMuPlat.xcodeproj. Select the MobMuPlat target and run.

###Building for Android, with Android Studio:

This project uses gradle, with its libpd/pure-data dependency handled by jcenter. No git submodules are needed. Clone the project to your computer. Open Android Studio, "Import from existing Android Studio project", and select the MobMuPlat-Android folder. Note that you'll need SDK 22 installed.