MobMuPlatEditor is an application for creating and editing GUIs for use in MobMuPlat.
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MobMuPlatEditor is an application to create and edit user interface files for use in the MobMuPlat iOS app.

The application has two versions:

  1. A native OSX version (OSX 10.7 and up)
  2. A Java version for use in all other operating systems.

If you just want the compiled applications, go to and download the development package .zip file, linked in the "setup" section. More info on usage, including sample files, is in that package.

###Building for OSX:

  • Get the required submodule (vvopensource) by running:
$ cd MobMuPlatEditor
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Note that you may get errors on various VV frameworks "There is no SDK with the name or path... ". To fix, go to each affected VV framework target (VVBasics-mac, MultiClassXPC, VVOSC-mac, VVMIDI), click Build Settings -> Base SDK, and set it to something valid (i.e. "Latest OSX").