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Pretty Good Computer

What Is It?

Pretty Good Computer is a toy computer I built to simulate the z-machine as described by jgc. I enjoyed working out the problems long hand, but thought that I could have a computer do the repetetive scut work; they're better at it after all.

The z machine has unlimited memory locations that are numbered, so we can refer to them. The cpu understands 3 instructions:

  • z_n_
    • z zeros, or initializes, memory location n
  • i_n_
    • i increments memory location n
  • j_n_!m)l
    • j compares memory locations n and m's value. If they are equal, the program proceeds to the next line, otherwise it goes to line l

Of course, I can't figure out a good way to represent infinite memory locations in a browser window, so we are stuck with 16-bits by default. This is user-editable, if you need more space to really explore whatever you are doing.