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A small sample microservice inolving AkkaHTTP and pricing inventory
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This is a sample application that is intended to provide a simple microservice to provide the pricing, if it is configured in the configuration.

How to use this

Make a GET request to /findPrice/between/$DateOne$/$DateTwo$

Required Software Installed

  • JRE 8.0 or higher
  • Maven 3.1+


Inputs Example Description
DateOne (In url) 2015-07-04T12:00:00Z This is a date where the search starts
DateTwo (in url) 2015-07-04T12:00:00Z This is a newer date where the search ends


Normal outputs: HTTP200 for normal outputs and given the Content-Type:


The result represents the price:

{ result: "1500" }



Curl Commands

So you want to run this application (TL;DR version)

  git clone;
  cd daypricing;
  mvn package; 
  java -Dconfig.file=application.json -jar target/daypricing-1.0-SNAPSHOT-allinone.jar

The application should start up with a message as such:

 [INFO] [03/21/2018 21:24:17.698] [main] [App$(akka://my-system)] Starting the service at http://localhost:8080

How to execute this application locally

To execute this application, navigate to the base of the project folder: (should be daypricing/) and execute the following command:

java -Dconfig.file=application.json -jar daypricing-1.0-SNAPSHOT-allinone.jar

This application uses a configuration file: applciation.json.

An example of a different configuration file is here:

java -Dconfig.file=BadConfig.json  -jar daypricing-1.0-SNAPSHOT-allinone.jar

The following configuration files describe the following situations

File Situation
application.json Normal execution state
BadConfig.json An example of where a day may not exist
BadSyntax.json An example of where a syntax issue with the config may exist

Whats with the allinone jar?

This is a fat jar that has all of the dependencies built in. This makes it easier to deploy the application via a container.

Expectations of the Configuration file

An example of a configuration file is:

  "rates": [
      "days": "mon,tues,wed,thurs,fri",
      "times": "0600-1800",
      "price": 1500
      "days": "sat,sun",
      "times": "0600-2000",
      "price": 2000

Invalid Configuration files will prevent the application from running. Examples of this are found by using the configuration files BadConfig.json and EmptyConfig.json.

How to execute this in Docker

To build the docker container. Go to the base of the project directory. Issue the following command:

docker build . -t testbuild

(Subsitute testbuild for the name of the docker image you're building]

To run: docker run -v $(pwd)/application.json:/daypricing/application.json -p 8080:8080 testbuild

Guide on deploying in GCP

[Through the command line tools GCP supports docker deployments.] (

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