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Expectations #39

trew opened this Issue Mar 21, 2012 · 0 comments

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trew commented Mar 21, 2012

The current model for expectations is that an Expectation contains following properties:

  • Deadline
  • Tolerance
  • Repeat
  • Least amount of hits
  • Filter

This works fine for current purposes, but my proposal for future development is to extend this to enable more advanced filtering options.
I suggest that filters becomes:

  • A query OR
  • A set of filters, combined using AND or OR.

That way an expectation can easily become a tree structure like in this example:

This is not intuitive or easy to understand as a user when you're creating a new expectation, but this tree structure can be described as a set of sentences instead. Like this:

Just to point out, this is for the future.

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