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*	Mina Gadallah				*
*	Artificial Intellegence			*
*	Solve 4*4 Sudoku			*	
*	Instructor: Rahul Shome			*
*	TA		  : Vahid Azizi		*

This project solves 4*4 sudoku using backtracing method. 
the code compiles, and runs with the current input.

** to apply a different sudoku, fill the the 2d array grid[][] with the values provided in the orignal problem, and fill
the empty spaces with 0, then compile and run!

output should be either, solved or unsolvable.

This is a 4*4 sudoku problem solver, if you wish to solve 9*9 problems 
1-you need to modify all the i value in the loops to 9 instaed of 4.
2-you have to change the way you check inBox function and need to work withthe current condition.
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