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Multithreaded Chat Room Made at: Rutgers University Professor: Brian Russell Class: INTERNET TECHNOLOGY F6 Su16 Chat Room is a desktop application that allows multiple clients communicating through TCP/IP network connections. It contains of a server and clients. Each client has a different color code. No two clients can have the same name. • Initially all messages entered by any client are public. • Any client can have a private conversation with one or more other active users. • A private conversation is initiated one active client at a time. • An active client can leave any time. • An active client is the target of private communication => tell originator of departure. • Private communication from Client A to Client B does not imply private communication from Client B to Client A. • Private communication does NOT get logged. • Private communication is terminated by the same client that initiated private communication. • End of all private communication from Client A returns Client A to public communication.

• JAVA Programing Language • TCP/IP • Mutex/Semaphore • Socet/IO

// The default port number. 
int portNumber = 8888;     if (args.length < 1)  

{ System.out.println("Usage: java Server \n" + "Now using port number=" + portNumber); } else { portNumber = Integer.valueOf(args[0]).intValue(); } Application Setup • The application Runs on the local host by default. • 8888 is the default port. • Any customization must be done in the source code • maxClientsCount = 20; by default. • You may change the load on the server by changing maxClientsCount value.

• Mina Gadallah @monmon-2007

** feedback to be provided by the TA**


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