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Tools to turn .NET libraries into native libraries that can be consumed on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and other platforms.
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jonathanpeppers and chamons [build] changes to fix the CI

First issue we are hitting is a missing version of Cake on MyGet:

    Unable to find version '0.23.0' of package 'Cake'. Package 'Cake.0.23.0' is not found on source ''.

To fix this:

- Let's remove `MyGet.config` and just use NuGet
- Update Cake to 0.31, I recently used that version on another project

Next issue is that the build will not work using JDK 10:

    Compiling binding code...
        Invoking: /usr/libexec/java_home
        Invoking: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-10.0.1.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/javac
    Fatal Error: Unable to find package java.lang in classpath or bootclasspath

To fix this we should use the `-v 1.8` switch on every call to `java_home`.

Next issue is that we aren't specifying a version with the `#tool`

    The 'tool' directive is attempting to install the 'NUnit.ConsoleRunner' package
    without specifying a package version number.

After that we were hitting issues where Xamarin.iOS\Mac\Mono were having trouble being provisioned, so I bumped them all to current stable.

Then a few test fixes, including some from #714 originally.

This fixes Jenkins and part fixes the other builds. @jonathanpeppers will look at those later
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objcgen [build] changes to fix the CI Dec 21, 2018
samples [objc] Add `--nowarn:` and `--warnaserror:` options to the driver (#339) May 12, 2017
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Embeddinator-4000 Logo

Windows macOS
windows-vs-x86 osx-clang-x86

Embeddinator-4000 is a tool to turn existing .NET libraries into libraries that can be consumed by other languages.

It is a tool that takes a .NET assembly and generates the necessary glue to surface the .NET API as a native API. The goal is to surface .NET libraries to all ecosystems where Mono/Xamarin run, and for each platform we provide an interface that is native to that platform as well as the tools needed to turn a .NET library into something that can be consumed on that platform.

Presently there is support for .NET to C, Objective-C (across the various Apple platforms) and Java (Android and regular Java), across Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

Getting Started

Check out our documentation to get started.


Feel free to join us at our #managed-interop Gitter discussion channel.


  • Clone this repository
  • Initialize/update submodules: git submodule update --recursive --init
  • Open the solution file Embeddinator-4000.sln with Visual Studio or Visual Studio For Mac
  • Build

If you prefer to build from the command line Cake or Make can be used to build instead of Visual Studio For Mac.


The Android/C portions of the project can also be built with Cake using the build.ps1 / scripts.

On OS X, you can setup your environment for Android by running a shell script:

./ -t Generate-Android -v diagnostic

On Windows, in Powershell:

.\build.ps1 -t Generate-Android -v diagnostic

This will download a master build of Xamarin.Android and extract it into /external/Xamarin.Android.

Embeddinator-4000.exe will be compiled to build/lib/Release. The Cake script will also run Embeddinator against a test assembly, so you can be sure your system is setup properly.


The Objective-C portions of the project can be built with make in objcgen.

Nuget Generation

To generate the nuget one can use either (they both invoke the same build process):

  • make nuget in objcgen
  • Cake :./ -t Create-Package


The getting started documentation walks through basic usage of the Embeddinator.

More details on platform specific invocations can be found here.


The contributing guide covers a number of areas to consider when contributing to Embeddinator-4000.

A number of internal documentation files exist describing the project and internal structure of Embeddinator:

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