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Android - surface bounds are not 100% of screen bounds in landscape mode #833

totallyevil opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Android - Galaxy Nexus phone

Surface is 720 x 1196

Startup of game is portrait mode, which report 720 x 1184

switch to landscape mode and I see the right hand side void space that matches the missing 12 pixels reported by ResetClientBounds:

10-02 09:57:15.604 D/MonoGame( 4478): AndroidGameWindow.SurfaceChanged: format = Rgb565, width = 1196, height = 720
10-02 09:57:15.604 D/MonoGame( 4478): GraphicsDeviceManager.ResetClientBounds: newClientBounds={X:6 Y:0 Width:1184 Height:720}


Note the X offset:

newClientBounds={X:6 Y:0 Width:1184 Height:720}

why is this? I do not set any offset.

Device init has a different width (1280 without any soft keys):

10-02 09:57:14.511 I/InputReader( 294): Reconfiguring input devices. changes=0x00000004
10-02 09:57:14.511 I/InputReader( 294): Device reconfigured: id=6, name='Melfas MMSxxx Touchscreen', surface size is now 720x1280, mode is 1
10-02 09:57:14.651 I/ActivityManager( 294): Config changed: {1.0 311mcc480mnc en_US sw360dp w598dp h335dp nrml land finger -keyb/v/h -nav/h s.241}
10-02 09:57:14.690 D/MonoGame( 4478): GraphicsDeviceManager.ResetClientBounds: newClientBounds={X:0 Y:0 Width:720 Height:1184}


Current develop3d does not exhibit this behavior.

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