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Sampler States via Spritebatch not being applied #847

Upperfoot opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Upperfoot Tom Spilman Elisée Scott Hilbert Dave Leaver

On current revision it seems like setting the sampler state has been broken, I am using this code to set the samplerstate for the spritebatch, but it seems that it is not being applied. Tried all sampler states and

spriteBatch.Begin(ssm, BlendState.AlphaBlend, Camera.SamplerState,
                        DepthStencilState.None, RasterizerState.CullCounterClockwise, null, view);

The commit I am currently using (where it is broken) is 4d9514e

The working commit for sampler states seems working on acda02b, but I have not narrowed it down to which commit it was actually broken on.

Any help on the issue?

Tom Spilman

What platform are you seeing this issue on?


Possibly relevant pull request (#768) and bug report (#842) for reference.


It was on the windows platform I believe.

Scott Hilbert

I posted a comment in bug #842 explaining what I believe is wrong and a possible fix -- basically the GL sampler state modification code is broken. I think both this bug and bug #842 have the same underlying cause.

Scott Hilbert

@Upperfoot can take a look and see if latest develop3d fixes this for you?

Dave Leaver

This works correctly on current Windows GL and DX. Close please

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