TouchPanel Drag Fixes #867

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This mainly contains drag fixes which make the classification of vertical, horizontal, free drag, or none work like it does in WP7.

It also contains a couple of small improvements:

  • Win8 launch parameter parsing supports =.
  • Fixed namespace of ColorWriteChannels.
  • Worked around SharpDX MediaEngine.PlaybackEvent bug.

The ColorWriteChannels fix is trivial. The MediaEngine work-around looks fine. I had set the parameter parsing to use colon because that's all XNA on Windows accepts, but adding equals should not be a problem.

There are other devs here with far more experience with the touch issue who should do the testing on it, otherwise I would pull this PR.


I tested the TouchPanel changes on Windows 8 with the simulator. It properly prefers HorizontalDrag and/or VerticalDrag over FreeDrag when both are enabled. It also seems to be consistent with WP7 in that once a HorizontalDrag or VerticalDrag type is returned, that drag type continues to be returned even if the drag motion changes. ( i.e. a predominately horizontal drag becomes vertical).

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Cool. I guess this is ready to merge then.

@KonajuGames KonajuGames merged commit 7a0ab15 into mono:develop3d Oct 18, 2012
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