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using System;
using CoreAnimation;
using CoreVideo;
using OpenGL;
using SkiaSharp.Views.GlesInterop;
namespace SkiaSharp.Views.Mac
public class SKGLLayer : CAOpenGLLayer
private const SKColorType colorType = SKColorType.Rgba8888;
private const GRSurfaceOrigin surfaceOrigin = GRSurfaceOrigin.BottomLeft;
private GRContext context;
private GRBackendRenderTarget renderTarget;
private SKSurface surface;
public SKGLLayer()
Opaque = true;
NeedsDisplayOnBoundsChange = true;
[Obsolete("Use PaintSurface instead.")]
public ISKGLLayerDelegate SKDelegate { get; set; }
public SKSize CanvasSize => renderTarget.Size;
public GRContext GRContext => context;
public event EventHandler<SKPaintGLSurfaceEventArgs> PaintSurface;
protected virtual void OnPaintSurface(SKPaintGLSurfaceEventArgs e)
PaintSurface?.Invoke(this, e);
[Obsolete("Use OnPaintSurface(SKPaintGLSurfaceEventArgs) instead.")]
public virtual void DrawInSurface(SKSurface surface, GRBackendRenderTargetDesc renderTarget)
public override void DrawInCGLContext(CGLContext glContext, CGLPixelFormat pixelFormat, double timeInterval, ref CVTimeStamp timeStamp)
CGLContext.CurrentContext = glContext;
if (context == null)
// get the bits for SkiaSharp
var glInterface = GRGlInterface.CreateNativeGlInterface();
context = GRContext.Create(GRBackend.OpenGL, glInterface);
// manage the drawing surface
var surfaceWidth = (int)(Bounds.Width * ContentsScale);
var surfaceHeight = (int)(Bounds.Height * ContentsScale);
if (renderTarget == null || surface == null || renderTarget.Width != surfaceWidth || renderTarget.Height != surfaceHeight)
// create or update the dimensions
Gles.glGetIntegerv(Gles.GL_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING, out var framebuffer);
Gles.glGetIntegerv(Gles.GL_STENCIL_BITS, out var stencil);
var glInfo = new GRGlFramebufferInfo((uint)framebuffer, colorType.ToGlSizedFormat());
renderTarget = new GRBackendRenderTarget(surfaceWidth, surfaceHeight, context.GetMaxSurfaceSampleCount(colorType), stencil, glInfo);
// create the surface
surface = SKSurface.Create(context, renderTarget, surfaceOrigin, colorType);
using (new SKAutoCanvasRestore(surface.Canvas, true))
// start drawing
var e = new SKPaintGLSurfaceEventArgs(surface, renderTarget, surfaceOrigin, colorType);
#pragma warning disable CS0618 // Type or member is obsolete
DrawInSurface(e.Surface, e.RenderTarget);
SKDelegate?.DrawInSurface(e.Surface, e.RenderTarget);
#pragma warning restore CS0618 // Type or member is obsolete
// flush the SkiaSharp context to the GL context
base.DrawInCGLContext(glContext, pixelFormat, timeInterval, ref timeStamp);
public override void Release(CGLContext glContext)
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